Jean Needs Just a Little Extra Help

Jean lives in an apartment in downtown Issaquah, with her little dog, “Apple”, who is the apple of her eye. She came to Friends of Eastside Seniors through the recommendation of her neighbor, who is also a Friends of Eastside Seniors client.

Jean doesn’t drive any more, and needs rides to medical appointments. While she lives close to the market such that she can walk there, she can’t carry back anything heavy, or very many groceries at a time. She also is having difficulties keeping up with her housework. Her apartment is small, but it could use a good cleaning and airing out. It wouldn’t take much to make it feel fresh, and sparkling again.

Jean doesn’t have family, except for a sister in another state. There is no one here who can help her –¬†except Friends of Eastside Seniors.¬† Jean is hoping we can match her to a volunteer for shopping and housekeeping, and then she will be calling us for rides for medical appointments.

Your donations mean that we can recruit volunteers that can help low-income seniors like Jean. Thanks to you, they can live in health and dignity. On their behalf, we thank you for your support.