September 26, 2011

Client Testimonies



“We certainly appreciate the service your organization provides. Continue your good work.”





“I just loved having the youth group come. It was so fun having them here. I hope you can find more young people who are interested in helping folks like us – that would be super!”



“You saved my life. I would have had another heart attack if the volunteer hadn’t taken me to that appointment that day.”



Has MS and is confined to a wheelchair
“God bless you and all the volunteers….God is using your organization to show His Love and to bless His children.”



“Thank you for the very fine help you have provided, which has made it possible for me to get along in my own home. It would be very easy for me (at age 88) to into a panic, if I didn’t have your fine help. Jennie is just wonderful and I am so grateful. You can’t imagine what a boost it is to my morale.”





“I’ve had several volunteers and they couldn’t have been nicer – caring, thoughtful, warm… I am very grateful. Not one soul that drove me forgot to make me feel good….They offered support in a way that was not condescending or embarrassing for me, but in a very genuine and humble way.”


Over 101 Years Old


“I think we should have scads of people out helping the elderly. It’s really nice.”




“Liz truly is a wonderful lady – she became a friend to me….I have had a wonderful experience. I think I got more out of it than Liz did!”