June 2, 2020

Volunteer Testimonies

Our Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Without them, we could not function. Our volunteers frequently talk about how much they enjoy helping our clients and how much more they get out of their service than they ever imagined.  We would like to share some of their testimonies and stories.


A Volunteer Video Story – Cathy Ullaco


Local Advocate and Mentor Finds Balance in Helping Seniors

Matt LaBelle


EFS was instrumental in allowing my Dad who was in his 80.s, to remain his fiercely independent self and inspired me to become a volunteer myself. EFS makes it easy to volunteer to support senior independence—on your schedule. Honestly, I get more than I give every single time.

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Friday Friends: Sue and Eileen Pair Up


At 89, Eileen is a spunky, cute, white haired, nicely dressed, funny, sharp as a tack, very independent, woman –  and in spite of her limitations, very proud and oh so frustrated that she couldn’t do all the things she “used to do — I don’t know what happened but now I can’t do much of anything for myself anymore.’ ” Eileen’s general health is great…it’s just those ‘damn’ legs and feet that don’t work.

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